Bride and Groom, posing in Bedfordshire, with umbrella and flashNatural / Documentary Style or posed images for my weddingWhat style should I book with wedding photography? Posed image in front of Woburn Sculpture Gallery What style should I go for when it comes to wedding photography?

Chances are if you've made it to this page, you already like Laura's style. However, there are many styles out there and it's easy to be blown away by a few cracking images but be disappointed with your own images. Therefore, it pays to do your research beforehand and book someone who you can trust and you know will deliver your dream photos. To avoid disappointment, look through a full wedding gallery. If you are having a winter wedding, ask to view a winter gallery. If you are having a barn wedding, ask to view a barn gallery. Try to find a wedding with a similar theme or similar time of year for you so you can really get a feel for how your wedding photos will look. This also gives you the opportunity to check the consistency from beginning to end. Is it just a handful of amazing images with substandard snapshots throughout or is it high quality from beginning to end?

Laura strives to achieve this high standard all day, with every single wedding. She also includes many unique photographs, each one planned meticulously to give you truly artistic images that you will love. She has been a photographer for over 12 years so understands the challenges of a winter wedding, rain or perhaps even a venue with low light. This never affects the final wedding images as Laura works hard to provide you with incredible images from getting ready, ceremony, the couple photos through to the first dance and even fireworks, making the most of every opportunity. Laura has the experience to be prepared for these situations and works hard all day so you can be assured there will be high quality images produced all day long.


Natural or Posed?

As we know, it's important to look for the highest quality when it comes to your wedding photos. It's one of the biggest days of your lives! These images will be printed countless times and shared between friends and family. Not only that but future generations will look at these images, treasure them and admire them. It's important that these photographs stand the test of time, as these will outlive all of us. So will you find that quality in a. documentary style photographer or a commercial photographer?


  • Natural / Documentary Style

Bride and Father sharing a momentNatural wedding photographyWhat style is best when looking for a wedding photographer? Natural like this or more posed? There are pros and cons to both just natural / un-posed and just fully posed images. The benefits to having 100% natural documentary style images is that there will be incredible moments captured. There will be times where you will miss these moments at the time as you will be busy enjoying your day. As well as photographs of you and loved ones which will remind you of those incredible memories from your day. These are some of the best award winning images you could find with any photographer. These are the images filled with emotion and has moved many of Laura's clients to tears. You can't pose these and you can't recreate them. Photographers who specialise in this have a lot of experience being ready for the moment before it happens. They will already be poised with the camera and will snap that image before you've even realised it. There are a lot of pros to why you should choose a documentary wedding photographer. However, there are a few down sides. If you choose someone who will only photograph natural moments and is 100% documentary style, you could be missing out. When they take those photographs they won't alter a thing within the frame including distractions, change of lighting or pose. So although there will be beautiful images taken, you may find coat hangers in the background of getting ready photos, bad lighting on that hug with grandma and the couple photos won't be guided so you could potentially look unflattering and awkward.

  • Posed

Bride and Groom in France, posing for a photo in black and whiteDramatic magazine worthy photographyDifferent styles for different weddings. What is best for me? Natural or a more posed approach like this one? Having just posed images means you will have incredible magazine worthy couple photos and you certainly won't look awkward, you will look your absolute best. Your group photos will look like royalty and you will be really proud to print these high quality images and put them on the wall. These are the images you see in magazines and usually come from commercial style wedding photographers. The downsides to having a fully posed photographer is you will miss out on those moments. You will love the posed portion of the day but you may find there's a hole in the story of the day. Another thing to note is some photographers (and I say this with caution!) some may only display images they have photographed on workshops led by more experienced photographers. Yes, they took the photo, but can they replicate it? It's really important to ask if images were shot on a real wedding or a planned photo shoot or workshop. If these images weren't a real wedding, it means they have taken a lot longer to set the images up and won't be able to achieve the same results with the time restraints of a real wedding. Laura displays a handful of 'portfolio shots' from workshops but these are all ones she has taught and has happily reproduced these poses and images on real weddings.

  • Hybrid

Most photographers will offer you one or the other. A few may offer a small proportion of one but most of the other. It's easy to make the mistake of booking the wrong photographer when you don't ask exactly what you are going to get. You may be so impressed with the posed photographs you forget about the moments you're going to miss. Does it fit with your dream wedding photos?

Laura offers the perfect combination of posed and natural photos. You may wish to favour one over the other and she will work to your direction on the level of posed and natural images so you 
know they will be the perfect images.


wedding-photographer-bedford-bedfordshire-085wedding-photographer-bedford-bedfordshire-085 Laura specialises in both posed and documentary style which takes a very high level of skill. Where it is a lot more hard work,
she has a passion for weddings and will not rest until she knows you will be blown away by your wedding photos.

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