Testimonials from Previous Clients

"She went above and beyond the duty of any photographer."

Our Wedding Day was made all that much more amazing thanks to Laura. After looking around and researching photographers in our area we had little luck in finding someone who could capture our day the way we wanted. Some photographers and their work just seemed to merge together and look the same; there were really cheesy photos and dull colours/no vibrancy and each wedding followed a routine, nothing unique about any of them. Nothing stood out and as a creative person I wanted someone who could bring the photos to life. 

Soon enough I found Laura Rachel online - her work is amazing, it jumped off of the screen. There are colours of all kinds, great tones and contrasts, she captured the excitement and emotions in each shot and it's all wonderfully composed. I fell in love instantly. Once we made contact we worried that as we are in Berkshire she may not cover our area - this was not an issue! Laura came over to us on several occasions and talked through our plans and ideas, we felt so at ease with her and there were never any problems. We were on the same wavelength and I had no worries about our photos in her hands and could enjoy our day. 

Originally, we planned to have as much time as possible to put the big day together and save what we can but time was not on our side. We pushed the date forward quite a bit to make sure certain family members could be there on the day. Such a big change to events and a sudden rush to get everything ready, I feared we may have lost our booking. One of the most stressful and awkward times having to rearrange everything and Laura helped make it stress free, a very understanding person who not only managed to keep our booking for us and change everything last minute but she gave us a great deal of support - always maintaining a great enthusiasm for every challenge thrown in our way.

The day came, we prayed for a sunny day in April after horrific storm weather that started off 2014. We had a gorgeous day ahead of us and everything slipped into place like it was planned. It’s true that your own wedding day seems to speed by and is over just as soon as it started - time really flies when you're having fun! We had some locations for photos of just me and the husband planned out, just small places that look beautiful. On our way to the reception Laura spotted a field and improvised some more photo ideas to get at sunset - these are some of the best photos we got that day, my favourite photo came from that field. This was the artistic spontaneity I wanted for my day.

Looking back on our photos I can enjoy the day over and over again, I can see the excitement, my family and friends enjoying the occasion and getting involved. There are so many photos of moments I missed and I'm so glad I can see them. With so much working against us at the start of planning it all came together beautifully and Laura was a massive impact on the result. Worth every penny spent, she went above and beyond the duty of any photographer. 

Mr & Mrs Fox, Maidenhead