Small group of photographers learning wedding photographyWedding Photography Workshopsmall group wedding photography workshops. one to one sessions learning photography and how to use light and composition. Working at real venues with real couples as models. Editing

Laura has recently added an editing service for weddings, portraits, events and commercial photography. She works with the individual photographer to create the edits just right for them.

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small group wedding photography experienceWedding photography workshopsLearn flash techniques, posing, customer care and business

A workshop with Laura Rachel is very unique. Each group is no more than 4 people and is designed around the group. No matter what level you're at; just starting out or just looking to refresh your portfolio, a workshop is a fantastic way to have fun, pick up some new techniques and meet other photographers. The thought of a workshop can be quite overwhelming, especially if you don't feel that experienced yet. But Laura's workshops are different. She will take the time for each photographer and work to their level to ensure when they leave they can walk away with a new skill they can use in their photography. No one gets left behind as the group is small enough to accommodate everyone. No one will be left waiting around for hours while a long queue of photographers take their turn to get 'the shot'. There's plenty of time and space and all angles are discussed so more than one photographer can work at the same time, each taking their turn in different spots so everyone has a chance.

Wedding workshops include a real life couple, who are comfortable to interact with each other and be romantic, in full wedding attire, at a beautiful wedding venue with decorations and flowers. As if it's a real wedding! Perfect for portfolio.

Workshops are ideal for new photographers to start advertising themselves to couples. It's important to have the experience of weddings by assisting more established photographers but you can't always use these images for your own website. Therefore, workshops are great to learn important skills about being a main photographer, learning vital techniques to put you above and beyond photographers in your area and most of all have images to display - with the skills to take away with you to take those photos again and again.

Laura goes above and beyond just taking photos on a wedding. She will teach you how to view the light differently, how to work in poor lighting situations, how to be creative no matter where you are, how to pose a couple, how to work quickly under pressure and a few more exciting tips. There's support from Laura throughout the workshop so you can ask any questions you may have.

Contact Laura below for a list of 2021 and 2022 photography workshop dates.

One to One Sessions Photography student learning wedding photographyone to one photography teachingLearn the tips and tricks of the trade to become a professional photographer. Learn from experience and build portfolio

One to one sessions can be in person on a photo shoot; engagement session, newborn session, maternity shoot, family session, on location or any other in the studio. This is great for hands on experience to learn the ins and outs about a type of photo shoot, ask any questions you may have and learn vital skills you can take away with you and use in your own client or personal work.

Or you may find you just want feedback on your portfolio, which can be done in person or online via Skype. This is a great way to learn from your current work and find ways to improve your photography. Sometimes that's all we need to boost our creativity, take our photography to a new level and start bringing in more clients.



Long term mentoring is available as a more cost effective way to have multiple one to one sessions, regular catch ups over Skype and continual support while you are building and growing your business. There's more to running a photography business than just the camera. Laura can talk in depth about branding, marketing and the design side of a business.

Laura is passionate about helping others and wants to see you succeed. Mentoring can be over 3 months, 6 months or a year.



Laura is a working professional so already has weddings, newborn, maternity and family sessions booked in. It's important to learn from someone who is continually working professionally themselves and is progressing themselves. When you think you have 'made it' you will only stop growing. Always learn and never give up!

With Laura's client work, there's a limited amount of time available for mentoring and one to one sessions as she wants to put the time and effort into helping you. 


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