Photo Shoot Price List

Laura Rachel

Here's some more information on having a photo shoot with Laura Rachel and the pricing.

You can call Laura directly on 07882503138 to discuss your photo shoot.

"I can make you feel and look Amazing! Finally you will have photos you can be proud of" - Laura Rachel

It's not every day we can get the whole family together for a photo shoot - so make it special! It's also not every day you stop and realise how amazing you are and indulge in a papering session with beautiful images. Make the most of you, make the most of now.

It's easy to avoid the camera and it's common to feel shy or 'un-photogenic'. It's not your job to look good, it's the photographer's. Laura will guide you through posing, without rushing through, she will take the time for you to feel comfortable and show you techniques to enhance and flatter. You will look and feel amazing!

"I invite you to exist in photos!" - Laura Rachel

If you're struggling with confidence, have a look at this free guide to help you: Top Ten Tips for building Camera Confidence

Laura wants to photograph you & help you see the real you. She knows first hand what it's like to fear being in front of the camera and now she smiles confidently when she's in front of the lens! Laura understands why you would be nervous around the camera so she can guide you in a way that's gentle and easy. Go for it, enjoy it and you will love your images.


Natasha came in for a photo shoot and kindly let me interview her after her viewing session

"I know you will love your images" - Laura Rachel

Laura works hard to create images you will love and treasure. These aren't just snapshots, they're moments in time, precious images for you to cherish. And that's exactly why there's no 'hard sale' tactics.

After the photo shoot you will be invited back into the studio to view your images. This is where Laura sits back and waits for you to choose. There's no minimum order and there's no obligation to buy any at all - it's completely up to you.

You can buy a voucher now to use anytime in the next 12 months - perfect as a gift for a friend or yourself!


First you pay for the session fee. You can buy vouchers in the online shop or book your session with Laura directly (contact form at the bottom of this page)

1-2 weeks after the photo shoot you will be invited back to view your images. The pricing options are below:


Each digital image purchased will be presented on a USB* They are high resolution and printable.

1 image            £99
10 images       £399
20 images.     £499
All images      £699

Framed wall art from £320 - Contact Laura for a full product price list or come in for a consultation and I'll talk you through each option

*If you choose to just purchase 1 image, this will be emailed rather than a USB

Folio Box

Each chosen image will be printed as an 8x6 and presented on a USB within the box. 

10 images.     £699
20 images.    £899

20 images presented in the folio box and all images on USB    £999