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How long is a piece of string?

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Photographers all over the UK charge anything from £150 to over £3500 for the same number of hours. You could assume they are offering the same service but that is absolutely not true. Once you dive deeper into what you will be receiving, you may find you can't afford to go cheap....

Laura regularly receives emails from couples who chose to book a cheaper photographer. Or perhaps they hadn't heard of her when they booked their wedding. These couples are disappointed by their photos and want Laura to re-edit them. Unfortunately it's very rare that this can be done and worst of all, these images can't be reproduced. You will only have this day once and it's important to find the right photographer to do this for you. There are a range of photographers out there, some perfect for you and some not so much. The worst thing you would want is regret over your wedding so it's imperative that you do your research and book someone who will create the perfect images and not just book someone for a good deal or because they are cheap.

Pricing should be lower down on the list of priorities when you are looking for a photographer however, it generally does pay to spend more! Laura offers excellent value for money. Her pricing is very fair, sitting within the average range to allow more couples to afford her work, but is at a level of quality that sits at the very high end. So when you are viewing price list, don't just think about how much it will cost think about the value for money and what are you willing to pay for the most incredible images of the best day of your life. Budgets are just plucked from the air and we can always reassign budget from elsewhere! When you consider these images are for life, they're incredibly good value for money! IF you love them.


How much should a wedding photographer cost?

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This is quite controversial but it's important to understand what each price point offers you. This isn't to discredit any level of photographer as those offering budget services are doing an amazing job for very low income families. This is just to provide a general overview of pricing in general of all wedding, photographers.

The below are the price points for a full day's photography with two photographers, all high resolution images on a USB with no additional products such as albums.




Below £300

Not professional standard.
They could be a student or someone with very little experience. Ideal for budget weddings.

Under £1000

Budget photographer.
They may have a good portfolio and competent with a camera but they won’t have the experience and expertise to be prepared for every eventuality, including low light, rain or winter weddings. You may have some good photos but it’s likely this photographer is just starting their business. This budget range is ideal if photography isn’t a high priority and you are on a budget.


Good standard. If you have done your research they could produce some beautiful images for you. You should ask for additional full wedding galleries and ask more questions as they may not have as much experience, particularly with the rain or winter weddings.


Professional standard.
This is the ideal price point for high quality wedding photography. At this price point you can expect consistency throughout, incredible images, no details missed and photographs you will love and be proud of. They will also have the experience and knowledge to be prepared for rain, wet weddings or any unexpected eventuality. It's still very important to do your research


If you are looking for something above and beyond and the highest possible standard. There will be no detail missed, incredible images throughout no matter the weather or time of year, you will love your images, people will envy your wedding and you will not regret a thing. These photographers will research everything beforehand, be prepared for every eventuality, organise everything beforehand and think of everything. You will be blown away by the images and they will be better than you could ever imagine. But of course, do your research. If this photographer appears above budget but you love their work then it's best to rearrange your budget to make it fit.


So how much should you spend?

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There are many factors involved here and it really is down to what you are willing to spend. Once you have decided how important the photography is to you, find your dream photographer. This could be £300 or £3000 but whatever they cost, do your research and make sure you can trust your photographer to take those photos you will treasure for life. Wedding photos are for life, they can make a £2000 dress look like a £200 knock off or a bespoke £20,000 designer gown. Okay, so maybe that's a slight exaggeration but just remember the photographer is the one person that will make or break those precious memories. Therefore, if you can afford it, spend a little more. It will be worth it.

You can find Laura's price list below, just pop in your email and you will be directed to the online price list.