Wedding, Event, Portrait and Commercial Editing Service

Personalised photography editing designed around the photographer

Bride and groom leaning on a tree, before and after. After is in Black and WhiteWedding Photography editingPersonalised editing to black and white

Laura offers a personalised editing service designed around the individual photographer. She will work with you to edit your images including, cropping, white balance, straightening, exposure and more.

Bride and Groom before and after photo in an archwayBefore and After couple on a wedding dayStraightened, brightened, more detail, white balance and cropping. Image fixing Laura has been a photographer for nearly 14 years and knows exactly how hard it is to find the time for everything. This is why out-sourcing is so important and necessary. When she was shooting 50+ weddings a year and many many photo shoots, she needed external help. Laura used multiple companies and couldn't find the personalised service she needed. Everything was a 'one size fits all' and was restricted with number of images and what was included. Adding in simple blemish removal would cost extra and take additional time to flag down those images. It was a different editor each time and the results weren't consistent.

Since starting a family, Laura has found herself shooting less and doing a lot more editing. Over the last year she has taken on some of the excess work from friends in the industry and soon was a full time editor. Having the experience of editing for herself she was able to adapt to the needs of the photographers, quickly and efficiently. She knows exactly what each needed and will edit the images utilising the photographers' presets as well as the usual corrections and additional blemish removals where needed.

Bride during the speeches on her wedding dayWhite Balance fixing on wedding photographySkin tones and white balance perfecting with wedding photographer's images


Laura can also offer a culling service if this part of the job overwhelms you! Get in touch and have a chat with Laura about pricing, how it works and how it can help you.

Photographers have commented about how much time and stress it has saved them within their business. No more late nights on the computer - leave that to Laura!






Laura's pricing is bespoke and not one package suits all. She will work with your budget and create a package to suit you and your business. It may be very simple editing or full culling and final gallery service, it all depends on what you need, your budget and what is best for your business.

Get in touch to discuss your editing with Laura. Either using the form to the left or emailing her directly: [email protected]