Bride and Groom at Chicheley HallIncredible Wedding Venue in Milton Keynes BuckinghamshireBride and Groom entering the main room for their wedding breakfast at Chicheley Hall

Chicheley Hall is open again!

Laura has never been so excited about wedding venue news than she was about Chicheley Hall. As a recommended supplier, most of her weddings in 2020 were booked there and she was devastated when they closed their doors. Now, it's been taken over by another hotel chain, we can all look forward to many more weddings happening at Chicheley.

Chicheley Hall is a stunning wedding venue, near Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire. You can read about it's history on their website, but this page is specifically looking at why Chicheley will make your wedding images incredible.

Outside Chicheley Hall

Chicheley is one of those venues that has amazing places for photos inside and out. The front of the building is the perfect backdrop for couple photos, group photos and those lovely images around your wedding car. The best part about it is it's completely free of parked cars as the venue keeps all of these at the side of the building. This means your entrance in to Chicheley is a long driveway with just trees and the elegant building.

As well as the very impressive front, Chicheley also has very picturesque locations scattered around the building including multiple large ponds (or a small lakes!), charming trees and an orchid. The ground is large but unlike most large venues, couples don't need to walk far to get those enviable wedding shots. Just a stroll from the front to the back allows multiple different scenes for images meaning your wedding photography gallery is packed and you are able to spend more time with your guests.

Lake or Pond with coupleOverview of Chicheley Hall



Inside Chicheley Hall

Some venues will look incredible on the outside but then couples find it's very corporate on the inside and end up spending a fortune on decorations to hide the decor. With Chicheley, the elegant theme continues throughout and it's perfect inside. There are rooms designated for corporate meetings but these are well out of the way. All of your guests will see the amazing interior and your photos will look amazing.

Of course, it's perfect to blow your guests away but it's also very important for photos. Every snap-shot or candid moment will be beautifully framed within the rooms at Chicheley, no awkward areas to avoid which means no missed moments!

And if it rains there is ample opportunity to explore what the interior has to offer at Chicheley Hall. The choice is fantastic so it's very important to have a photographer that doesn't get overwhelmed with the options. Laura has worked at Chicheley countless times and knows exactly what the best spots are, what time of day to shoot them and works with her couples to really make the most of them. Even though, she works there a lot, each wedding is so unique and photographed in their own way.

The lighting in Chicheley is perfect. There's plenty of light and in just the right places meaning you can create gorgeous regal portraits, beautiful group photos and delicate natural moments, all within Chicheley itself.


Group Photos at Chicheley Hall

Winter weddings are wonderful! But with it comes the challenge of bad weather. When you get married you don't want to have to think about the weather. You especially don't want to feel down about it. Even in the summer we get many down-pours. It would be incredibly upsetting to book your dream venue for it's exterior and then unable to have photos outside due to the weather! This is why Laura recommends Chicheley so much. Even in a blizzard, Chicheley provides the perfect backdrop for images. There is enough space inside for those group photos. Using the correct lighting, you will end up with very distinctive Vanity Fair style group portraits. Therefore, you're not compromising when it comes to the weather, it's just another option.


Bedrooms at Chicheley Hall

A lot of hotel destinations have very plain bedrooms, understandably. At Chicheley Hall, they have an amazing large bridal suite, the must-have for those preparation photos.


Evenings at Chicheley Hall

Whether it's dusk or full on night time, Chicheley looks incredible as the sun is descending and once the sun has gone down.