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Congratulations on your pregnancy! Once you're over that awful stage of the first trimester you can start to plan for the arrival of your little one. Before they are born you may be considering a maternity photo shoot. This is a fantastic opportunity to document this incredible time in your life where you are literally growing a human being.

Black and white image of mum to be, holding her bumpMaternity photo shootSide lighting on a pregnancy bump. Baby due soon. There can be some anxiety around your growing tummy, this is totally normal and it is a very strange sensation at first. You may be looking in the mirror and feel so different. Of course, you're excited because it won't be long until you have that little one in your arms but it's perfectly okay to feel confused about your body. Having a maternity shoot, in particular a make over photo shoot, will give you an excuse to show off your bump and feel confident about it. Once you view your images you will love the way you look in your new shape and be even more excited for your session.

How to find your photographer

There are many photographers dotted around the country who offer maternity and newborn photography. The trick is to find someone who specialises in this genre and don't just do it as an add on as it's really important to be posed comfortably, correctly and most of all, safely.

Once you have established whether this photographer specialises in maternity photography and you LOVE their photos, get in touch and ask some questions.

  • Are the images edited?
  • How long is the session?
  • Is the session on location or in a professional studio?
  • What's included in the packages?
  • Do they do a maternity and newborn package?

But most of all, do you feel relaxed around them? Particularly if you are planning nude images, it's important to feel comfortable and relaxed for your portraits to create the best image art.


Are the images edited?

First of all, you will be looking at the images on their website and portfolio and you will know right away whether you like these images. It's important for the images to be hand edited to a high standard just as we do at Laura Rachel Photography. It needs to be a standard you are happy with. But it's also important that the images aren't 'airbrushed' and warped to alter the subject to something that no longer represents them. Find a photographer that edits to the best standard and still looks like you.


How long is the session?

You don't want to rush around and bash through a set list of poses in a short amount of time as you'll be stressed and this will show in your photos. To be relaxed and calm and have incredible images, you need to have the time and space for you and your photographer. It's also a fantastic idea to bring a range of outfits to your session to really make the most of it. As a minimum, you need one hour but ideally, make the most of this time, have a make over and at least 2 hours in the studio. You will have so much fun. You will also look incredible after a make over so plan something fun to do after!


Mum and dad to be holding the bump before they have their babyMum and dad to be in the studioStudio photo shoot in Milton Keynes for maternity, pregnancy photo Is the session on location or in a professional studio?

We photograph are sessions in a professional photography studio. We use the latest equipment and have a choice of backdrops to design the session around you. Some photographers work from their homes, garages or their own studios. Running a studio is very costly and therefore costs for the session need to be really high. As we hire the studio per hour, it means we don't need to charge a high fee to cover these costs. We can focus on you and your photos. It also means all of the equipment is well maintained and kept up to date - plus we always have compliments on how lovely and welcoming the studio is. There's a dressing room too so you can change your outfits as much as you like.


What's included in the packages?
It's common for photographers to charge a session fee; which covers the studio hire and photographer's time, and then pricing per image. When looking around for photographers, watch out for a deal that looks too good to be true. We've heard many stories of booking a cheap session (or even free) and then being pressured into buying thousands of pounds worth of images afterwards. At Laura Rachel Photography, we believe it's important to be upfront and honest with our pricing. There's a session fee and then you buy the images you want afterwards, with options to buy digitals or prints. There's no pressure to buy any at all and we don't use any hard sales techniques. We work hard to provide images you love and the rest is up to you!

Newborn baby sleeping and posing for natural photoPurple newborn photo shootTiny baby wrapped in purple on composite image with leaves. Newborn photo shoot in Bedford

Do they do a maternity and newborn package?
It's great to think ahead for both the maternity session and the newborn session. If you choose someone you feel comfortable around for the maternity session, it will be even easier for you to book the newborn session with them. Just make sure they specialise in both! :-) You may even find there's a package deal to have both sessions or even the full bump to baby sessions.



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