Laura is a professional photographer based between Bedford and Milton Keynes. Photography is her passion. She has been photographing weddings for over 12 years, all over the UK and abroad.

With experience in bright midday sun to challenging winter conditions where some photographers may struggle, Laura achieves consistent quality throughout all her weddings, delivering beautiful unique images.

Laura has a degree in Fine Art and considers herself an artist, rather than a photographer. While she was studying she found photography to be her favourite medium and continued her journey from there.

An artist creates an image rather than just clicks the shutter. They create the composition of the image, pose the subjects, hunt for the light (or set up artificial lighting) remove distractions in the background and set the scene. An artist makes their camera to work for them.


Standing in front of the camera can sometimes be a scary experience, especially if you're used to hiding from it! Whether it's an annual photo shoot or to document a milestone, Laura will help you feel at ease with posing and you will enjoy being photographed by her!

Being photographed by Laura will make you feel confident and you will be proud of your photographs.

When our children grow up and go looking for photographs of us, what will they find?


In 2020, as you all know, the pandemic hit. Laura was due her first child and ended up having to photograph her own maternity and newborn photographs. Luckily, she knew what she was doing but it's always a struggle to take a self portrait! Laura felt fortunate that she could still have beautiful images but felt so bad for many other new mums and dads who didn't have this opportunity. Therefore, she reached out and helped them understand lighting and composition so they too could take their own images. Laura loves to help people and to make them feel special.


For Laura photography isn't just a job. It's her life!