Penny & Lee’s Wet Weather Wedding

The Rain Never Bothered me anyway

Penny & Lee had their wedding at Chicheley Hall on 22nd July 2017.

We had a mixture of weather all day, including a lot of rain! But it didn't affect them at all. They loved every second of their big day and used the rain to their advantage and had very unique wedding photos!

Chicheley Hall is fantastic for indoor photography! It's absolutely stunning and perfect when the weather is too wet or cold, all group photos and couple photos can be done in the warm and dry and look gorgeous!

The day started with sunshine and champagne!

Jordan was my assistant photographer and started the day photographing the groom, Lee and I went straight to the bride, Penny.

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So many couples worry too much about the weather. If it rains, it's not a sign you're not meant to be, it usually just means you got married in England and that's what happens most of the time! The best thing to do is to embrace it.

Plan for wet weather, then it will never disappoint you.

If you let the weather bother you, you're just going to ruin memories. The rain doesn't even need to affect you, it will be an incredible day.

Apart from a few distant rumbles of thunder during the ceremony, the rain held off until just after the confetti photos.

We managed to get two or three group photos immediately after the confetti and then the rain came in bucket loads! The church kindly let us back in to finish the formal photos.

I wasn't going to let the rain stop us, so with some clever flash tricks, I lit up the drops in the sky and used their wedding car as a beautiful backdrop.

The remaining group photos were completed inside in the dry! Once everyone arrived and had a drink!

We used the back room at Chicheley, saving the stairs for the romantic couple photos.

In between the heaviest rain we popped outside for some romantic couple photos. Chicheley has a lot to offer both inside and out! If it had continued to rain heavily we would of just gone with umbrellas!

Having the rain earlier on meant we really made use of the inside areas - easily missed on a bright sunny day. And the outdoor photos are so unique with the cloud texture.

I used a mixture of flash techniques (I won't bore you with the details!) to keep it exciting, interesting and colourful! Without flash it would of been dull, lots of shadowing (including under their eyes), the sky would be white/grey and they would of easily blended in with the background.

I always send my assistant up to the balcony to get this photo! It's so perfect, watching over your day.

After the first dance, I can't help myself, I always stick around for a bit longer to capture the fun on the dance floor!! And as it was still raining outside (And we were warm inside!) we decided to pop outside for a last mini photo shoot!

It wasn't dark as it was July. It was about sunset, so you can imagine what light we had. But we wanted a dramatic photo. So I used my flash tricks!! I lit up the couple and the rain and turned day into night!

What an incredible wedding!!

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