Central Milton Keynes Wedding Show & My Special Offer!

During the 6th-8th of October this year (last weekend!) I exhibited my stand at the Central Milton Keynes Wedding Show. It's a fantastic show with lots of different suppliers and an amazing catwalk show.

It's a great opportunity for couples to meet different suppliers, get ideas and bag a special offer.

This year my offer was the Gold Envelopes!!

Special Offer

Each Couple that came for a chat received a Gold Envelope!

It's a new idea, I thought why not offer everyone the chance to have a huge discount on their big day. After all, weddings are so expensive!

In each envelope was a discount from £50 to £500!

Why Choose me to photograph your big day?

I'm not going to tell you about all of my qualifications and achievements because that means absolutely nothing unless you love my work. What I will say is I'm an artist.

What I do is create beautiful images for my couples. During the engagement photo shoot they get to know me and I teach them valuable posing techniques and show them how to adapt the poses to them (so it's more natural and unique.)

I'm there on the wedding day with my assistant for up to 12 hours. I don't do half days or half jobs. Each wedding I do I hold close to my heart and I put so much time and effort into making it perfect. I want you to love your images.

After the big day you receive a USB to print from again and again. They're your images to keep! I also offer a gallery for your guests to download the images (completely free!)

What makes me different?

I am always looking for a different angle, a new perspective and I love using the camera to my advantage. I don't see the world in the same way most other's do, I see what I can create.

When I'm photographing a wedding and there's a dark staircase, most people would see a staircase and struggle to picture a scene. I know exactly how I want it to look and I know exactly what lighting techniques to do. Before you know it I've captured an incredibly beautiful and different image for that wedding. Something not many others will have!

I look for moments. Laughter, tears, happiness, emotion - I'm there capturing it all.

Try Before You Buy

With all of my collections I offer a complimentary engagement photo shoot but at the moment I'm offering this to you before you book.

This is the easiest way of finding out if the photographer is right for you. I will teach you valuable posing techniques, show you how to feel comfortable with the camera and comfortable with each other! It's fun and it's all within an hour.

After the session you'll be invited into the studio to view your images and we can discuss your wedding in detail.

Have a look at my engagement photo shoot blog post.

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