6 Posing Mistakes Most Couples Make

Don't worry, I don't mean my couples!

And to be honest, I don't really mean couples, I mean the photographers. It's their jobs to ensure the couple is looking their best and capture the most flattering poses and angles. So really, it's their mistakes, not the happy couples!

So how hard can it be to pose? You just stand and smile right? What can a bad pose do....? And what if you just want natural photos?

So many times when couples ask for natural poses, they're talking about capturing their personality and romance between them. But the fact is, if you ask for no poses and all natural, you're going to have crossed arms, straight bodies, unflattering arms and images you may not be fond of. So how can you achieve gorgeous effortless images that capture the real you?

I'm going to talk you through the six most common mistakes photographers make. When I teach workshops and mentor my students, this is the first thing we discuss. You need to learn the basics of posing to capture the real intimacy and the real relationship of a couple.

#1 Crossing Your Arms

What do I mean by this?

If you stand facing your partner and hold their sides with your arm stretched out. That. You're making an X. You're standing side on to the camera - or worse, your bodies facing the camera but your arms are crossed over. This is so uncomfortable and posed. This isn't a natural posing position, you can see you're only standing like that for a photo.

How to fix this pose? Look at my amazing couple above.

The bride is in a stunning pose (really showing off her dress! See the other tips) and holding the groom's face. She's embracing him, pulling him towards her for a kiss. He's not attempting to cross his arm over to hold her back, because that would be uncomfortable. Instead he's got his hand in his pocket. It's a natural pose.

#2 Say Cheese!

To many, posing means cheesy painful smiles awkwardly looking towards the camera. "Say Cheese!"

Posing doesn't need to be uncomfortable. Sometimes we do need to look towards the camera (you know, that photo for the parents!) but the majority of the photos are romantic, natural images - captured sneakily by your photographer! And when it's time to look towards the camera, you'll be happy to.

#3 Poor Body Language

When you're posing for the camera you need to remember it's stills and not video. You could be being so romantic and wonderful, but if your face is blank and you don't know where to place your hands, you're going to look uncomfortable and your body language will make it look like you're just not interested.

This includes; when you're looking towards each other, don't pull away from each other! (No matter how blurry they appear!)
When you put your arms on your partner, hold them! Don't just place your hands, feel them.
Smile. It might sound obvious, but show how you're feeling inside, on your face.


Bride and Groom pose by London Bridge, luxury wedding photographer, laura rachel photography

#4 Arm placement

This is probably the mistake most photographers make. And it's the one that mostly women notice. We're very critical of our own images and therefore it's important for us to be in a flattering pose (without photoshop!!) and love the images.

If you have one person behind the other and the person in front puts their arm over the top - their arm will double in size.

It's such an easy fix, tuck your elbow in and cuddle in tight. If you want your arm on top, don't push it down, keep it raised.

#5 Not posing for the dress

We don't wear a wedding dress every day so it can be quite hard to manoeuvre and work out how to make it flatter us.

I teach my brides how to pose with different dresses. In particular the fish-tail or mermaid style dress.

If you have curves, this style looks gorgeous! But if you just stand there, it's not going to do much for your figure. The best way of really making use of that dress in the images is to bend your knee and use your hips!

#6 Flowers

Flowers look so lovely on a wedding day! They compliment the theme so well and really accessorise the bride.

They also give you something to hold during the photos! However, time and time again I see flowers held in the wrong position.

The bouquet creeps higher and higher in each image because you're not used to holding such a heavy bulk in your hand! And perhaps you're feeling nervous. But remember to keep the bouquet down, so you don't cover your dress and hold your arm out slightly so you don't hide your waist.

There's so many hints and tips I can share with you, which I teach all of my couples on an engagement session, but there's simply too many to write on here. These are just my 6 basic top tips because these are the ones that I train photographers on first. They're the first things I notice in images and they're so simple to fix!

Have a look around at wedding photos and see if you can tell the difference!

If you haven't booked your wedding photographer yet, I'm offering a complimentary engagement photo shoot before you book! Get in touch to book in your date and time. I will teach you about posing, talk about the different lighting techniques and you can tell me all about your wedding.

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