6 Mistakes most people make when planning their wardrobe for a photo shoot

1. Wear Black on White and White on Black....

It's a common misconception that to be seen, you have to wear a dark colour on a white background and lighter clothes on a dark background.

This is the case in a modern infinity cove (all white) flash studio - but not in most cases. The reason they ask you not to wear white is because during the editing stage they make everything brighter and add contrast, which means anything white will just disappear!

In most soft light studios (and in your own photos) put light colours with lighter backgrounds and darker colours on dark backgrounds. This way the clothes don't distract the focus from you. The composition is more creative and it's a nicer looking image.

2. Avoid Colours

My biggest tip to my clients is Wear your personality.

If you never wear colours. Don't. But if you're always dressing a certain way, wear a particular colour - bring it along. Always bring a choice of clothes but most of all bring what means something to you!

Bring something dark, something light, something formal and something casual. Bring as many clothes as you want - but be creative and be you!

3. Not wearing patterns

This is half true.

You shouldn't wear logos or bold patterns. And in a big family group you shouldn't wear clashing patterns, or everyone in plain colours and one in a pattern (unless it's a baby or small child!)

But during a solo shoot, if you want to show some personality then wear something fancy!

A lot of beautiful dresses are sleeveless - but a lot of women, myself included, don't particularly like their arms, or more, don't like them being photographed. It's okay to have one or two, but then a light shawl that's decorative brings a bit of character to the image and will make you feel more comfortable.

4. Wearing baggy clothes

Comfort is most important right?

Well yes, it's important to feel confident and happy. But to get incredible images, whether you're athletic or curvy, wear something fitted!

Bring a range of clothes, but do make sure you bring some fitted clothing.

The last photo shoot I did I purchased a dress because it was covered in sequins (and it had sleeves!) and I loved it. But I would never wear it out because it was ridiculously tight and ridiculously short. It looked amazing so it was perfect for posing in the studio. And no one would ever know how really unpractical the dress was!

5. Going OTT on the Make Over

Some people will go all out for a photo shoot. It's not something we do all the time, so why not splash out and make it amazing?

Well, you have to look like you.

If you NEVER wear make up, then keep it absolutely minimal, or not at all!

Hire a professional who knows how the make up looks through a camera. Don't straighten your hair if it's always curly and visa versa. Enhance your natural beauty. Show who you are!

And show how beautiful you really are!

6. Have boring white background headshots in a suit

Personal Branding and Headshots are very popular in the studio at the moment as more and more business people are using the web and social media to spread their brand.

People are even using this genre to promote themselves on dating websites.

But does a headshot really have to be so business like and cold? Absolutely not.

It can be whatever you want it to be! Whether you're a business woman, actor, singer, student or looking for a date, you can show your personality and get some professional and incredible photos to help you get up the ladder!

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