5 Ways to Reconnect with your grown up daughter

At some point, I’m not sure when, I became an adult. I went from being a grumpy teenager who would be embarrassed by my mum to a grown up that wanted to spend time with her as a friend.

There’s so many activities and fun days out for mothers to bond with their young children, but what about when those children are in their 20s and 30s? How to do you reconnect and build that deep friendship that lasts a lifetime?

1. Spa Day
The ultimate relaxation girls day out!
We work so hard all day long, always caring for others, it's time to just take a few deep breaths and let your muscles relax! It's a perfect activity to do together, to catch up and really feel comfortable with each other to confide and open up with each other.

2. Cook together
Whether you take a class together or cook at home, this is a really fun bonding activity where you can work together to be creative and get a wonderful dinner at the end of it!

Maybe try it ‘ready steady cook’ style! Pick 6 ingredients and see what you can come up with! Or team it up with a visit to the farmers market or food festival and try out a new recipe!

3. Start a new tradition
One tradition I loved when I was a kid was the weekly sunday roast with the grandparents! Since we’ve all grown up and moved out (and we just have grandma left who lives in a small bungalow!) like most grown up families, we no longer do this. Why not set up a lunch or dinner (home made or in a restaurant) every second tuesday of the month. Something to look forward to and plan for.

4. Try an hobby she’s into

Give yoga, rollerskating, bowling, golf or archery a go! Whatever she’s into, show interest! Have a go, you might not do it again but you might just surprise yourself and enjoy it! And she will love that you tried for her.

5. Capture your relationship: A Photo Shoot

While she’s at the age with the world at her feet and you’re finding yourself again - capture this. Exist is beautiful portraits. Have a make over photo shoot where you can truly be pampered and look glamorous together. Learn how to pose and have a laugh. Enjoy the time where it’s just the two of you (or more if you have multiple children!) set your daughter a great example; be confident and happy with yourself and love how you look.

As we grow older, photo shoots preserve that wonderful memory. Through the years these images will show you the story of your life, forever changing and forever beautiful. As your daughter grows up, perhaps starts her own family, she will always have those wonderful photographs to look back on.


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