From the Artist....

As well as weddings, I specialise in newborn, family and contemporary women's portraiture.

I know how to find the beauty in you, even if you've never been professionally photographed before. I can pose you in elegant natural poses to make you feel amazing and give you stunning portraits.


We deserve to exist in photos & stop hiding from the camera. When our children grow up and start looking for photos of us, what will they find?

Most of us photograph our children when they're young, but as they grow up we forget to keep taking photos. Photos of the whole family together!

Don't wait to lose weight or get fitter, now is the time to show your beauty!

When I asked my own grandmother "When was the last time you were professionally photographed" she said her wedding day.... over 50 years ago. I would love to see beautiful portraits of her in her 30s to now. So I made sure I took her portrait there and then. It's framed on her wall and I've never seen her so proud of the way she looks. And I've never been such a proud granddaughter.

My grandmother is like all of us. We avoid the camera, tell ourselves "I'm not photogenic" and always say we need to lose a few more pounds before we go in front of the camera. But really we don't need to worry about anything.

It's my job to show you your beauty and show you your journey. 

I will make you feel relaxed and you will enjoy being photographed. Your dress size and age has absolutely nothing to do with looking and feeling amazing. I will guide you through every pose, we will talk about what to bring to the session so you can feel confident every step of the way.

You are perfect right now and you deserve to exist is beautiful photographs for you, your children & your friends and family. Whether you want to celebrate your relationship with your mum/daughter/best friend or celebrate being you. Now is the time.

This is the time to experience a portraiture session, feel like a celebrity, be a VIP for the day and have magazine style images of you.


If you want beautiful images but aren't sure how to be confident with the camera, have a look at this free download: Top Ten Tips to build Camera Confidence

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