Photography is her passion, She has been photographing weddings for nearly 10 years, all over the UK and abroad.

With experience in bright midday sun to challenging winter conditions where some photographers may struggle. Laura achieves consistent quality throughout all her weddings, delivering beautiful unique images.

Laura usually refers to herself as an artist rather than a photographer and has a very artistic background, including her degree in Fine Art. While she was studying she found photography to be her favourite medium and continued her journey from there.

An artist creates an image rather than just clicks the shutter. They create the composition of the image, poses the subjects, hunt for the light or set up artificial lighting, remove distractions in the background and set the scene. An artist makes their camera to work for them.



Photograph to the right by Kate Hopewell-Smith

Laura's photography style is artistic, always trying to come up with a creative new idea, always learning and always teaching and sharing her ideas. Her editing style is timeless and classic, a style that will last forever. She documents moments and relationships between people, not just a set list of images.

Another passion of Laura's is travel. You'll see more and more of her travel work appearing here soon as it's all been documented and she wants to share it online. Seeing new places and meeting new people really inspires her. There's a new photography opportunity waiting around every corner.


Laura's had a lot of support from her friends and family throughout her career. It starts with her parents at www.wedding-car.co.uk over 10 years ago inviting Laura to weddings to take photos starting the passion and the portfolio. To now, her husband Craig is incredibly supportive and happy to travel with her worldwide & pose for self portraits - even on honeymoon! (see image to the left)

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